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Welcome to Virtual Hair! Hundreds of hairstyles!

Let us give you a virtual hairstyle makeover!
Get results, without going to a salon.

Breathtakingly Realistic!

 This is the BEFORE picture, with no hairstyle selected

 This is the AFTER picture, notice how realistic it looks!  We have literally hundreds of styles!



 Photo Realistic! Full rich colors!

Just imagine! See yourself in over 200 different hairstyles! No more fumbling with awkward "makeover" software. Gone are the days of looking through style books and "hoping" that the style you chose will look good on you, only to gaze in horror in the mirror after spending two hundred dollars!

Welcome to the world of Virtual Hair! The future has arrived! For just a tiny fraction of the cost of experimenting with different hairstyles in the "real world", you can see yourself as you really will look, in nearly any hairstyle you can think of! For as little as just 16.99 you can see yourself in 12 selections from our 200+ style online catalog! You can choose them, or we can! It's tons of fun, AND extremely helpful! And it's also your choice!

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 Can we deliver? You BET we can!

See the above pictures? These are actual examples of the finished product! Not hype, or phoney touch-ups, but the real thing! The picture on the left is a photo of a woman, (with her hair pulled back) the second is NOT her real hair, but a true example of a style! As you can see, this is a great way to truly see how you would look with an alternate hair style(s)!

So Easy To Order! Think it might be hard to get in on all the fun? It is SUPER easy! Here is how it works;

  • Browse through the styles. (listed below)
  • Write down the style numbers of your selections.
  • Fill in the easy to understand order form.
  • Print your order form and mail it to us, along with a picture of yourself. Follow the guidelines for taking your picture for the best quality.(click here for guidelines)
  • We will ship it back ASAP, we use US Priority, And Global Priority for fast delivery!
  • We mail you your choice of either:
    • handsome binder with your styles printed on a high quality Hewlett Packard© DeskJet 1120C Professional series printer.
    • OR we can mail them to you in 16 million color jpeg images on plain disks that you can view right on your web browser!

That's it! Simple huh? So let's get to it shall we? Click a picture below to choose which style!

 Here you will find hundreds of short hairstyles

 Here you will find hundreds of medium hairstyles

 Here you will find hundreds of long hairstyles




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